Ethical Experiences

What constitutes an ethical experience?  This was a guiding question that Dr. Susi Ferrarello, a sharp-minded philosopher colleague and friend and I explored in our new book coming out in October of 2018, titled Ethical Experience by Bloomsbury Press.  This text is a collaboration between philosophy and psychology, two disciplines that have been artificially separated […] More »

Clinical Treatment Directions for Infidelity

A few months ago my first book was released by Routledge Publishing House.  It is titled Clinical Treatment Directions for Infidelity:  A Phenomenological Framework for Understanding and it is based on several research studies conducted between 2012 and 2015.  This particular piece of work is designed to help clinicians, who receive very little required training […] More »

Sex Therapy Certification

So few psychotherapists receive adequate training in human sexuality issues, with the licensing board requiring only a 1 credit course and after licensure, no additional training.  While the range of possible issues any given client might raise in a course of psychotherapy may not have any relevance to sexuality, many are quite relevant and some […] More »

Getting down to business

Only 21 days into the New Year and already I have a new office location in Berkeley, a new website and a new backend insurance processing program.  Not bad for progress on New Year’s Resolutions!   And always in the hope that the client experience is smooth, convenient and supportive.  I invite feedback and look forward […] More »